What is remote interpreting?

It is the provision of interpreting services from a remote site via a computer and web cam. This service is ideal for telephone calls; small meetings of up to 4 participants, (one to one meetings are the most effective); translation from BSL to written English and vice versa; dictation of reports etc.; interaction with colleagues on an adhoc basis, (this is especially useful for someone in a managerial or supervisory position where staff drop in from time to time), and any urgent or last minute requirements.

The service is purchased in blocks of 30 minutes, which helps to reduce costs as the purchaser only pays for the interpreting time used. With a shortage of interpreters available nationally it is more effective to think in terms of interpreter ‘hours’, therefore, time wasted traveling, for example, drastically reduces the number of hours available. The use of our remote service can greatly enhance the number of hours available to you and your clients or staff, especially for those on a limited Access to Work budget.


What equipment is required?

These days there are many platforms available via mobile devices and IT equipment and we provide access to the service using either Facetime* or Skype*.  In terms of equipment; a camera, broadband connection (the higher the speed the better), access to a computer or mobile device with the chat facility/software is all that is required.  We would suggest ensuring you are in a quiet room at the time of the appointment to achieve the best possible sound quality for you and the interpreter.

*Please be aware the these services are not secure, this facility is for non-confidential interactions only, Aditus cannot guarantee the security of the information beyond the interpreters adherence to their professional Code of Ethics/Conduct and our Terms and Conditions of Business.

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