General Questions

Why is it good practice for the LSPs to meet with users before the event starts?

It is always good practice to meet with people who are going to be involved in the event before the commencement of services. Many people have never used the services of an LSP and it is an opportunity to discuss how they will work together to make the event as successful as possible for all involved. By users we mean all those involved not just the D/deaf people as the LSP is there to provide a service to all. In terms of interpreters it is also good practice for them to meet with the BSL users to check communication is clear and any access issues can be discussed.

I’m planning to film my event, is it OK for me to record the interpretation?

The Aditus Terms and Conditions of Business state that any recording must be explicitly agreed as part of the contractual arrangements.

Should services be cancelled if there are no Deaf users?

Most definitely, yes! Language Service Professionals are scarce with only approximately 900 Qualified BSL/English interpreters, 50 Qualified Lip speakers and approximately 40 Qualified Speech to Text Reporters for the whole UK we believe that service providers, employers and LSPs should take responsibility for efficient use of these scarce resources. This will need effective planning to establish the need for services in the first place and liaison with Aditus as your event draws closer. Remember to cancel within contractually agreed timescales otherwise charges will be incurred, (please see our Terms and Conditions of Business for further details).

Can LSPs provide more than one service, such as Lip speaking?

Some LSPs are trained and qualified in a number of roles, but each booking will be for one service to be provided by each LSP. If your event requires the services of more than one type of LSP then do not expect them to be interchangeable, separate LSPs must be engaged for each service. Aditus is happy to discuss your exact requirements and assist you with your arrangements in the most efficient and cost effective manner. If you would like to make a booking enquiry, please do complete our online booking form.

Should we thank the LSPs in closing speeches?

We are often asked this question and there are wide and varied views on this within the professions. Some LSPs are happy to be thanked publicly for their contributions, others feel they have been contracted and are being paid to provide a service so deserve no more gratitude than others contracted to support the event. As a general rule, Aditus would prefer it if the LSPs were not thanked at the end of your event, we feel that this singles out the D/deaf participants in a way in which they may not feel comfortable.

Can we expect the LSPs to keep the Deaf client company during social events?

LSPs are contracted to provide communication or language services not as companions or personal assistants to the client/s. If, during breaks etc., clients wish to interact with one another it can be included in the contract that services are provided to facilitate this. Aditus is always happy to discuss your exact requirements, please do contact us.

Can I book the LSPs direct for future events?

As part of the contractual agreement, purchasers must agree that any future bookings with the LSPs provided by us must be through Aditus. The LSPs we contract are also subject to this.

I have details of an LSP I have used before, would Aditus provide a co-worker where a team of two is necessary?

Aditus is more than happy to provide co-workers where the existing LSP has been contracted directly, provided that this LSP meets the criteria set out within the Aditus Terms and Conditions of Business. It is sad to say but there are a number of people out there who sell themselves as qualified LSPs or LSPs under training who are in fact misleading purchasers and D/deaf people for personal gain. Aditus only contracts the services of recognized professionals so that our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that you are getting what you require and that we are actually providing the highest quality service possible.

Why does Aditus only use LSPs it approves?

Aditus does not approve LSPs as such, we merely insist that the LSPs we contract are trained and/or have proven competence to provide excellent, professional services to our clients. In order to be sure that the professionals we provide meet our exacting standards and to assist our clients in ensuring, as far as possible, their compliance with the Equality Act 2010, we insist on certain criteria, which form part of the Aditus Terms and Conditions of Business

If my Deaf participants don’t turn up to the event should the LSP continue to provide a service?

There are times when, for a range of reasons, participants fail to turn up at events. Aditus’ advice is to agree with the contracted LSP/s how long they should remain before services are withdrawn. We suggest half an hour or the first session, whichever is practically best suited to the event. If it is a public event where people may drop in at any point and the LSPs are required to remain, it is important to be clear that, especially in the case of Interpreters, they shouldn’t be expected to provide a service if there are no users present as this demeans the language and culture of Deaf people as well as the profession itself. There are many other professionals who are booked for a specific period of time such as plumbers, electricians and the medical profession, who complete their session when the job is done or when the client misses an appointment, LSPs should be treated in the same way.

Is there a “ready reckoner” to help calculate the number of LSPs I need?

There is no reliable ready reckoner as such and it would be misleading to suggest one exists. The number is determined by several factors, not least of which are; how many people attending the event require the service, the type of service required, the length of the event and so on. Aditus will be happy to advise you in this regard, please do contact us to make an enquiry.

Why are periods spent traveling taken into account in the LSP booking?

The number of LSPs available within the UK can dictate where people are traveling from to complete an assignment. For example, with only approximately 900 qualified interpreters to cover the whole of the UK’s estimated population of 70,000 Deaf people, Interpreters sometimes have to travel significant distances to provide services. Consequently, the time spent traveling is, often a necessary part of the contractual arrangement and in some cases overnight accommodation may be required. Aditus’ ability to secure local LSPs and reduce costs is assisted by the length of lead in time to your event; the earlier the request the easier it is to find local people. We suggest, if possible, a minimum lead in time of 6 to 8 weeks.

Why might I need to book a translation service?

Organisations today provide information in a number of community languages and BSL is one of them. If your organization engages with Deaf people, either as consumers or employees you will probably need to have your policies, procedures and other information translated into BSL. Please do contact us.