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Padraigin runs a friendly and reliable company, Aditus, who provide interpreters of a high standard. She is committed and motivated to her work and the company. Communication is always easy and responses to queries fast. If you are seeking a smooth booking experience I recommend that you try them.

Ben Phillips – BSL/English Interpreter at Bedazled

Aditus is a joy to work with, communication is easy, and only interpreters of a high standard are used. As an interpreter Pádraigín has wide experience, especially in legal and conference settings, where she is a highly skilled and respected colleague.

Darren Townsend-Handscombe

Pádraigín strives for, maintains, and is committed to, the highest standards of BSL/English interpreting and is very supportive of colleagues

David Phippard – BSL/English Interpreter

Padraigin is an experienced interpreter whom I have worked with several times over the years particularly in legal and mental health domains. She is great team-player and we share ideas on how best to deliver our interpreting service to mainly Deaf clients [who might have additional needs or need extra language support]. She is astute … Continue reading Ilan Dwek – Tutor/Assessor at VivaBSL

Ilan Dwek – Tutor/Assessor at VivaBSL

If you need a BSL interpreter for legal matters, you need look no further. Padraigin is excellent at facilitating communication between the client, his or her lawyer and the court; This means the client can access the system in exactly the same way as a hearing person. Clients are reassured by her ability to communicate … Continue reading Sarah Newens – Solicitor Advocate at Co-op Legal Services

Sarah Newens – Solicitor Advocate at Co-op Legal Services